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Herbal metabolism stimulator

Herbal metabolism stimulator

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Herbal metabolism stimulator -

The reasons behind such failures are multiple and reside in a highly complex inter-relationship between food intake, metabolic rate and changes in body composition.

The bottom line is that in response to food deprivation, the drive to eat increases 2 and the metabolism slows down, 3 thereby counteracting the efficacy of dieting. Pharmacotherapy aimed at dampening these compensatory mechanisms is therefore an appealing adjuvant to assist dietary approaches.

The recent advances made in unravelling molecular pathways underlying appetite regulation, thermogenesis and fat oxidation, together with earlier discovery of atypical β 3 adrenoceptors specific for thermogenesis, have provided a wide array of new targets for therapeutic development.

It is therefore not immediately comprehensible why an old drug combination of ephedrine and caffeine—which has been utilized clinically for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and nasal decongestion for more than 60 y—is still considered by many in the academic research community to be a viable therapy for obesity.

The underlying arguments for such considerations were compiled in the proceedings of an international conference held in Geneva in and was summarized in its editorial as follows: 4. ephedrine and caffeine are tried-and-tested drugs that could in combination be put into large scale clinical trials immediately.

the combination of ephedrine and caffeine has both anorectic and thermogenic actions, thereby assisting weight loss and weight maintenance by affecting both aspects of energy balance. the modes of actions of ephedrine and caffeine and their interactions, particularly in relation to their stimulatory effects on thermogenesis, have been described—with ephedrine promoting the release of noradrenaline and caffeine potentiating or prolonging noradrenaline-mediated thermogenesis by reducing negative feedback mechanisms that inhibit noradrenaline release and actions; 5.

most, if not all of the undesirable side-effects of ephedrine or the combination of ephedrine and caffeine subside during treatment ie exhibit tachyphylaxis , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 whereas the thermogenic effects are preserved or even enhanced by chronic treatment. In the United States, there has also been controlled clinical studies—lasting 2—6 months—demonstrating safety and efficacy for weight loss with drug cocktails containing either ephedrine and caffeine 12 or ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin, 13 but these drug combinations have not been approved for obesity treatment by the regulatory agencies.

Paradoxically, the sale of herbal preparations that contain ephedrine and caffeine as supplements for weight loss is now widespread in the US.

It is estimated 14 that some 12 million people utilized these herbal supplements in alone, often as mixtures of Ma Huang a source of ephedra alkaloids and Guarana or kola nuts sources of caffeine. The herbal industry contends that their botanical products are safe and effective for weight loss when used within the labelled dosage range.

However, numerous reports, albeit largely anecdotal, of serious adverse effects attributed to the consumption of these herbal supplements in particular hypertension, tachycardia and strokes have raised concerns in the United States regulatory committee. In the light of these disturbing reports of serious adverse events associated with the use of herbal products, it is important to make a clear distinction between synthetic ephedrine and caffeine mixtures on one hand and herbal or botanical products containing these pharmacologically active ingredients on the other.

The results from placebo-controlled studies conducted in different academic research institutes and in several countries, 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 and which have been recently reviewed, 17 are highly consistent that at prescribed doses for anti-obesity therapy, the combination of synthetic ephedrine and caffeine is effective and is well tolerated.

There is also evidence that this combination of drug treatments for obesity is more effective for weight loss than single drug treatments. A key question that arises is how then does one explain the discrepancy between the mild and mostly transient side-effects observed during therapy with synthetic mixtures of ephedrine and caffeine and the reports of serious adverse cardiovascular effects associated with the herbal products, particularly when the latter are promoted at doses much less than that utilized in controlled studies with synthetic ephedrine and caffeine?

Does the explanation reside in the fact that patients in clinical trials are prescribed the drugs under medical supervision whereas those suffering from serious adverse events associated with use of botanical products are not, and are hence at higher risks for abuse and overdosage?

Or does it reside in the fact that the largely unregulated herbal supplements contain not only ephedrine and caffeine, but also a variety of other ingredients which could contribute to the undesirable effects? Several of these supplements include non-negligible amounts of ephedrine isomers, some of which have been implicated in adverse cardiovascular effects, 19 and a plethora of other ingredients ranging from magnesium and zinc chelate to bee pollen and royal jelly.

Whatever the explanations for such discrepancy, however, individual susceptibility to potentially serious adverse effects associated with the consumption of these herbal supplements cannot be ignored.

That they may be relatively safe and efficacious as anti-obesity supplements in a clinical setting, but also that their use may pose a health risk to some individuals, are illustrated in two recent detailed reports of controlled clinical trials assessing the safety and efficacy of herbal supplements containing ephedrine and caffeine for weight loss.

Although none of these adverse effects were long-lasting, these findings in a controlled trial on selected subjects after medical screening for being healthy and under medical supervision during the trial 20 underscore the need for concern about the safety of such products when they are bought over-the-counter by a public desperate to lose weight, and used without physician counselling or supervision.

Based upon the Danish experience, the FDA might consider that the licensing under prescription of synthetic mixtures of ephedrine and caffeine could offer a viable and cost-effective approach to treat obesity and that large clinical trials with this drug combination are both necessary and ethically justified.

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Ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin promote weight loss in obese subjects Trans Assoc Am Physicians : — Haller CA, Benowitz NL. Adverse cardiovascular and central nervous system events associated with dietary supplements containing ephedra alkaloids New Engl J Med : — Your purchase does even more than help you improve your health and fitness: it also represents a commitment to improving the lives of others.

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Stimularor you tired of metaolism diet-and-exercise approach Stimulatod losing weight? Do Energy-boosting smoothies wish you could take a Energy-boosting smoothies to boost your Enhancing self-care in diabetes and watch stimulatog pounds disappear? As Americans grow stouter, the search for get-thin-quick products continues. But is there really a pill or food out there that can boost your metabolism? Simply put, your metabolism is all of the chemical processes that convert carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from your food into the energy that your cells need to function. There are plenty of metabolism booster supplements Herbal metabolism stimulator Nutrient-dense fats, Energy-boosting smoothies do simulator of these purported metabolism boosters actually work? We Energy-boosting smoothies these people can maintain a healthy body weight mostly due to their genetics, despite whether they try to eat Meabolism balanced Hergal and exercise stimjlator Herbal metabolism stimulator. Another metabolis, finding: Contrary to popular Energy-boosting smoothies, you actually maintain a mostly steady metabolism from your 20s to about your 60s. Your metabolism then naturally slows once you reach older age. However, it can be hard to eat well and be active enough throughout your life, which means you probably need to proactively add certain habits into your daily routine to keep yourself feeling and acting young. Technically, metabolism is all of the chemical reactions that take place in a living organism every day to keep it alive. Calories also called kilojoules are really a measure of energy, and our bodies depend on getting enough of them to keep us functioning in all aspects of life. Herbal metabolism stimulator

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