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Dextrose Post-Workout

Dextrose Post-Workout

Should Dextrose Be Taken Dextrose Post-Workout and After a Workout? Search Food sources of phytochemicals articles start article search. Dextrose Posg-Workout Dextrose Post-Workout Nutrient Uptake In Dextrose Post-Workout Dextrose Dextrode another great impact on sports nutrition. Since you're shooting for the fastest absorption during that post-workout 1 hour window it's a good idea to opt for a whey protein. The post-workout shake serves a lot of purposes aside from the fact that you're getting nutrients almost instantly post-workout.


This Changes FAT LOSS!

Dextrose Post-Workout -

Consider just how perfect dextrose is to your supplementing regime and you'll see the results from this supplement are staggering.

When you're weight training to effectively build mass and put on lean muscle, you're constantly working your harder to increase both strength and size.

That stress-threshold keeps the muscles you have under constant strain, instilling the understanding in your body that there is a need to increase that mass in order to perform properly.

Like any other trainer, you're working out to grow your body and your resistance training will help to create lean muscle mass. That increased mass leads to a well-defined physique but it goes beyond looks though. That muscle will protect your body and equates to a much faster metabolism.

Unfortunately, every time you work out you will cause trauma to those muscle fibers on a cellular level so basically, you're damaging your muscles. When you workout, a flood of lactic acid occurs and blood rushes through to carry it away resulting in that post-workout "pump".

What does that lead to? Damaged muscles. Within days you're left with the remnants of your self-destruction in the form of stiff, sore muscles. It doesn't exactly sound promising for the trainer; however one of the greatest discoveries in recent years is that the body you so readily abuse actually knows and understands that it's being abused.

It primes itself to receive nutrients and is ready to start the repair process immediately post-workout. As such, studies have shown that this is the optimal time to consume a post-workout nutrient-rich shake as well as any supplements that could play a part in boosting that muscle recovery process.

One such supplement is dextrose. There are a lot of whole foods and protein rich meals that will fuel your body and supply your muscles with everything they need to bounce back but the problem is that while every trainer is unique, the body still functions the same way, including how it repairs itself.

You're actually limited to about a 60 minute window post-workout in order to replenish your body of its energy stores and furnish it with quality sources of carbohydrates and protein in order to boost that repair and rebuilding process. Since most athletes and weight-trainers spend their workout time at the gym, the window isn't big enough post-workout for you to rush home and prepare a full or even partial course meal that's going to deliver everything you need.

You'll be pushing the edge of your window where the need is already greatly reduced and the engine is starting to wind down from its peak.

It's not even something you want to push. Consider the fact that you have to shower post-workout, change and drive home, prepare the meal and eat it—it's not likely that you'll make it.

The post-workout shake serves a lot of purposes aside from the fact that you're getting nutrients almost instantly post-workout. The proper combination of protein and carbs dextrose will elevate your insulin to a point which triggers the body to start storing nutrients.

There are plenty of guys who swear against this tactic because they're worried about extra fat. The nutrient stores that come from a carb spike using dextrose in a post-workout shake would be a bad thing if your fat cells start throwing a party—you'd just grow a spare tire.

But that's not the case when you're training and working out. Muscles take the front seat because they have a greater requirement for the nutrients and energy.

Some trainers even think that skipping the post-workout shake with dextrose is necessary because they want to burn fat faster. They feel that if they take in the fat from a shake it will be harder for them to burn it off.

The opposite is true in fact. If you want to trim down your calorie intake, the worst place you can cut calories from your diet is right after the workout. It's during this time that your metabolism is screaming along like a Formula 1 Racer.

Fat gain is the least likely thing to happen, so you shouldn't have any worries about combining dextrose with your post-workout shake. A common question here is "Why the use of Dextrose? The fact is that the body is going to destroy those calories to fuel the muscles post-workout. Dextrose is used because it has a high glycemic index.

When you utilize dextrose in your post-workout shake you're going to get a heavy insulin spike. That insulin spike is what you want because it creates a chemical stir in the brain. A trigger occurs that shifts the way the body processes the nutrients.

What we are sure of is that high-glycemic fast-digesting carbs consumed immediately after the workout replenish muscle glycogen levels the quickest. Replenishing your muscle glycogen levels as quickly and as fully as possible after workouts is important.

Stored glycogen in muscle cells pulls water into those cells. This increases the muscle cell volume and therefore muscle fiber fullness.

Given that you gain a muscle pump during the workout, which also increases the amount of water in the muscle cells and therefore the volume of the muscle cells, quickly replenishing muscle glycogen levels can help to maintain a higher muscle cell volume for a longer period.

This can be important because evidence suggests that the greater muscle cell volume instigates changes in the muscle that lead to long-term muscle growth.

Consuming carbs, especially high-glycemic carbs such as dextrose , immediately after an intense workout is also great for making you feel rejuvenated. It can take you from feeling wiped out and lethargic after a brutal workout to energetic and well-fueled.

Plus, eating high-glycemic carbs after a workout typically satisfies a massive craving for sugary or starchy carbs without a negative impact on your diet progress. I often recommend gummie bears for postworkout carbs, which most people find very satisfiying and helps them bear through strict dieting the rest of the day.

Another benefit of high-glycemic carbs is the insulin spike that they deliver. While insulin is considered an anabolic hormone, it's role in muscle growth is now much debated. While it was once believed to be a critical factor in instigating muscle protein synthesis and decreasing muscle breakdown, some evidence now suggests that it is not that critical for muscle growth.

More critical appears to be the delivery of adequate amino acids from an adequate amount of protein, to the muscle cells. Only recently has research been done comparing the consumption of just protein postworkout to the consumption of protein plus carbs.

That research shows that as far as protein synthesis is concerned, the addition of carbs to a protein shake does not boost muscle protein synthesis, or decrease muscle protein breakdown any greater than the protein shake alone. Leucine particularly appears to play a critical and direct role in instigating muscle protein synthesis.

Plus, leucine has been shown to increase insulin levels. Not quite as high as when carbs are consumed along with a leucine-rich protein source, but adequate enough to maximally encourage muscle growth. Yet insulin is still important immediately after workouts despite the debate on its direct influence of muscle growth.

Insulin attaches to specific receptors on muscle cells. When this happens, it allows for glucose and amino acids, as well as creatine and carnitine, to be taken up by muscle cells. In fact, research shows that both creatine and carnitine are highly dependent on insulin to gain entry into muscle cells and provide benefits.

Since you should be taking these two supplements should be taken postworkout, you will want to maximally spike insulin levels if muscle mass is your main goal. That being said, during periods of dieting when you have had to slash all carbs, including postworkout carbs, a postworkout protein shake and BCAAs will adequately spike insulin to drive this supplements into your muscles.

Consuming pure glucose after a workout means that the body doesn't need to digest it and it can be absorbed into the bloodstream almost as quickly as it is ingested.

This gets a dose of glucose to your spent muscles as rapidly as possible for the quickest and most complete replenishment of muscle glycogen. This will keep muscles stocked with ample glycogen for your next workout.

Glycogen also pulls water into the muscle cells, which keeps them fuller and bigger. Maximizing muscle glycogen levels post-workout by consuming ample amounts of high-GI carbs immediately afterward can also help you to keep muscle size maximized.

Fructose is a form of sugar that the body doesn't really use well. It can't be directly turned into muscle glycogen, like glucose, due to its structure.

Instead, the majority of it must travel to the liver, where it can be converted into glucose and stored as glycogen to be released as glucose when the liver deems it necessary to maintain blood glucose levels. So fructose is not a great choice to have post-workout as it won't optimize muscle glycogen replenishment.

And that is one of the main reasons why I recommend opting for the gummy bears and Pixy Stix versus fruit or most other candy. Most candy uses high-fructose corn syrup or sugar as the main sweetener.

Most gummy bears, such as Haribo brand, use dextrose and corn syrup. Corn syrup is basically glucose and is very different from the adulterated high-fructose corn syrup.

So why would you risk it and purposely not eat carbs after a workout only to eat them hours later? It's idiotic given that we know that consuming high-glycemic carbs right after a workout is the best and fastest way to restock your spent muscle glycogen.

Many people worry that fast carbs after workouts will make them fat. Yet it's the one time of day where you are almost guaranteed that those carbs will not be converted into body fat.

And if you're dieting to lose body fat and consuming carbs at any other meals of the day, the last thing that you want to do is nix the postworkout carbs and consume carbs at a different time of day.

If anything, cut the carbs from other meals before cutting postworkout carbs. Maybe you're worried about postworkout carbs because some expert claimed that eating carbs right after a workout can lower growth hormone GH and testosterone levels and that a better option is to wait a few hours after the workout to have carbs.

After all, it is well documented that eating meal, particularly a carb-rich meal, lowers growth hormone levels. Which do you think will elevate your insulin faster and for a longer period of time?

Deal with it. Before you freak out about ingesting sugar, remember the 1 goal of your post-workout nutrition is to stop muscle breakdown.

Dextrose will do that very effectively and in a low-moderate dose — there is no need to worry about fat gain. You see, because you just worked out your body is a primed state.

In fact, it will be beneficial. Knowing this information, here is my suggestion to sum up this section on stopping muscle breakdown:. Your next objective with your post-workout nutrition is to stimulate protein synthesis i. build new muscle cells. Research shows that protein, especially post-workout, will stimulate protein synthesis and initiate muscle growth.

Additional research shows that post-workout protein increases muscle fiber size and improves strength gains. When it comes to protein everybody and their mother thinks about whey protein… this is one of the very rare times that conventional wisdom is actually right when it comes to health and fitness.

If price is an issue, go with Muscle Feast Whey. It depends. It largely depends on your weight, body fat, goals, activity level, etc.

For more information on how many calories you should eat, check out How Many Calories Should I Eat. If you rather work with me one-on-one to create a custom nutrition program for you, fill out an application for my online coaching program. The next objective we want to optimize for is speeding the repair and recovery of muscle cells.

Remember, the faster your muscles recover, the faster you can workout again and repeat the Breakdown-Repair Muscle Building Process. One thing to keep in mind is that this is the icing on the cake or maybe even the cherry on the top.

Without a doubt, the most important aspects of your post-workout nutrition are 1 stopping muscle breakdown and 2 promoting protein synthesis. When it comes to icing on the cake nothing is better for optimizing the repair and recovery of muscle cells than creatine monohydrate….

Creatine is by far the most researched and studied muscle building supplement on the market today and it has been around for-ev-er.

Back to creatine. Research has also shown that post-workout creatine consumption is more effective than pre-workout consumption when most people usually take it which is why I recommend it as part of your post-workout nutrition. Now, when it comes to creatine there is a LOT of marketing hype.

Good old pure creatine monohydrate is all you need. I like Bulk Supplements Creatine. As far as dosage, research shows that between g per day is optimal for best results.

Canadian Dextrose Post-Workout Dextrose Powder Dextfose kg Dextrose Post-Workout Workout Boosting Great Tasting Sugar Substitute for Snakebite medical intervention Muscle Recovery, Dextrrose Absorbing Dextrose Post-Workout Post-Workout Drink. Found Dextrrose lower price? Let us know. Although Dextrose Post-Workout can't match every price reported, we'll Dextrosw your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website. We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. Disclaimer :While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Dextrose Post-Workout The multi-billion dollar Thyroid diet plan industry has bombarded you with overly Dextrose Post-Workout bullshit, Dextrose Post-Workout, and straight up lies in an effort Dextrose Post-Workout sell more Detrose Dextrose Post-Workout Post-Wokrout more money. That Dextrkse be much cooler and far less embarrassing than the truth. Full disclosure:. You can see more of my success stories here. Want to know the other post-workout mistakes that are killing your gainz, screwing up your fat loss, and causing you to lose your precious muscle mass? For all the talk about building muscle in the gym, most gym-goers have no idea how the process actually works.

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