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Improving cognitive flexibility

Improving cognitive flexibility

Blog Mindful eating for stress relief. By Charlene Solomon, President of Flexibiliyy CultureWizard Oct 1, AM DEI Skills flexibolity Initiatives. Here's Ipmroving the research tells us about how to improve our cognitive flexibility and creativity. You can also try using a free-association website or app, which will give you random words for you to make associations.


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Improving cognitive flexibility -

A relevant example of how cognitive flexibility helps people conquer difficult situations would be how people coped during the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Being inside for a lockdown created new challenges for everyone: it affected the way we work, learn in school, and interact with others. While many aspects of life changed, cognitive flexibility likely helped people learn to adapt to the new ways of living during the COVID pandemic.

Having good cognitive flexibility does not mean that someone is immune from facing hardships in life, but it may help make difficult times more bearable by helping people develop coping skills and creative solutions to push through. Working on cognitive flexibility may translate to better emotional control.

Someone may be more likely to have negative emotional reactions when presented with challenges if they do not know how to adapt or problem solve. Working on cognitive flexibility skills may help your clients become more resilient when life throws obstacles their way.

It allows people to create connections between existing ideas and make new ones when needed. Aside from supporting creativity, cognitive flexibility also supports academic learning and performing tasks at work.

For example, successful artists create masterpieces by using creativity to work with different materials and put them together to create paintings, sculptures, woodwork, and other works of art we appreciate everyday. For working on how cognitive flexibility may be applied for psychological well-being, people may seek to work with a psychologist who provides cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT.

CBT is used to help people replace negative or unrealistic thoughts with more realistic and positive ones. Someone may seek CBT if they often have negative thoughts about themselves or a situation they are in and need guidance on improving their self-esteem and solving emotional problems.

Cognitively, someone may benefit from cognitive remediation therapy. This kind of therapy works on building the foundations of cognitive skills and helping people translate them to everyday life situations. Sometimes, this kind of therapy is done by using digital cognitive therapy tools or by using good cognitive therapy worksheets that focus on a variety of cognitive skills.

Many people can benefit from this kind of therapy, as it helps improve cognitive abilities overtime and address cognitive areas we may be weak in.

Cognitive flexibility is a subset of skills that allows us to adapt to new situations, create connections between different pieces of information, and develop new ideas. In life, it helps us succeed in academics, helps us be better workers, and can help us create works of art.

Working on cognitive flexibility may help us have better control over our emotions and help us handle difficult situations with grace. People wanting to improve their cognitive flexibility may seek to engage in psychological or cognitive therapy treatments depending on their needs.

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