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Selenium Maven integration

Selenium Maven integration

Seleenium a New TestNG Organic Certified Products File New Others TestNG TestNG class. Different Types of Selenium Maven integration Mavsn Updated on: Feb 09, If your project does not have any parent dependencies, you can skip the project dependencies. Learn From The Best Mentors in the Industry! Following steps were done.

Selenium Maven integration -

Step 2 On the New dialog, select Maven Maven Project and click Next. Step 3 On the New Maven Project dialog select the Create a simple project and click Next.

Step 4 Enter WebdriverTest in Group Id : and Artifact Id : and click finish. Step 5 Eclipse will create WebdriverTest with following structure:. Step 6 Right-click on JRE System Library and select the Properties option from the menu. On the Properties for JRE System Library dialog box, make sure Workspace default JRE is selected and click OK.

Step 7. Select pom. xml from Project Explorer.. Step 8 Add the Selenium, Maven, TestNG, Junit dependencies to pom. Step 9 Create a New TestNG Class. Step Eclipse will create the NewTest class as shown in the following screenshot:. Step 12 Right-click on the WebdriverTest and select TestNG Convert to TestNG.

Eclipse will create testng. xml which says that you need to run only one test with the name NewTest as shown in the following screenshot:. Update the project and make sure that file appears in the tree Package Explorer right click on the project — Refresh. So, go to the Run Configurations and create a new launch TestNG , select the project and field Suite as testng.

xml and click Run. The maven-surefire-plugin is used to configure and execute tests. Here plugin is used to configure the testing. xml for TestNG test and generate test reports. The maven-compiler-plugin is used to help in compiling the code and using the particular JDK version for compilation.

Add all dependencies in the following code snippet, to pom. Step 15 To run th e tests in the Maven lifecycle, Right-click on the WebdriverTest and select Run As Maven test. Maven will execute test from the project.

Install Jenkins. Step 2 Unzip Jenkins to specified folder. Run exe file as shown in following screenshot:. Step 3 In Jenkins 1.

Step 7 Select the Maven project radio button as shown in the following screenshot:. Using the Build a Maven Project option, Jenkins supports building and testing Maven projects. Step 8 Click on OK button. Step 12 On the WebdriverTest project page, click on the Build Now link.

Initially, it was developed to simplify the build process of the Jakarta Turbine Project. Nowadays, it is widely used to manage project dependencies and the whole lifecycle of any project. Maven uses the concepts of the project object model POM and enables the user to cut down several steps followed in the build process.

This contains the link to the location from where Maven can be downloaded. Installing Maven through the command line is a bit more complex than through Eclipse.

Here are the steps you need to follow:. If you have not yet installed Java in your system, you would need to do so. If you already have it installed, make sure that you have the latest version.

Download Maven and extract it to some location on your computer. Now, set up the Maven Environment Variable using the same steps we used to set up the Java Environment Variable.

Follow the following steps:. Now that Maven is successfully installed in your system, let us verify it from the Windows command line. Check to see the version of Maven installed in your system. Learn From The Best Mentors in the Industry!

Automation Testing Masters Program Explore Program. Just like the Maven installation, you can create a Maven project in two ways - through the Eclipse IDE or command line. Step 3: You can choose to create a simple project or just skip this option. Step 4: Fill in all the appropriate information for your project.

If your project does not have any parent dependencies, you can skip the project dependencies. Click on Finish. Your Maven project is now created. Open the Command Prompt and go to the folder where you want to set up your project. Now, type the following command and click Enter:.

Maven allows you to automatically download all the required libraries from its central repository. There is a lifecycle that every Maven in Selenium build follows.

There are a number of goals present in Maven, but three are crucial for Selenium test automation. They clean, install, and test.

Ontegration is the leading open-source continuous integration tool developed by Astaxanthin for athletic performance lab. Seleniium is cross-platform Astaxanthin for athletic performance can be used on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris environments. Jenkins is written in Java. It fires pre-configured actions when a particular step occurs in jobs. Selenium WebDriver is great for browser automation. Selenium Maven integration

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