Endbug Bug Zapper Lamp & Fly Swatter Racket 2 in 1, USB Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Fly Gnat Killer for Home Indoor Outdoor (Green)

Endbug Bug Zapper Lamp & Fly Swatter Racket 2 in 1, USB Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Fly Gnat Killer for Home Indoor Outdoor (Green)

  • 【Rechargeable electric fly zapper】 Mosquito Killer Lamp & Racket 2 in 1,you can wave the fly racket to kill flys,or turn on the UV lights attracts Mosquitoes rush towards the electric shock net.
  • 【Electronic fly swatter killer】 Featuring a 3,000-volt grid,Instantly killing flies, mosquitos,gnats,waps,bees and pests on contact,Once you hit the bugs with it, they are fried, The Mosquito body will not be caught inside.
  • 【Built in electric mosquito zapper lamp】Just put it on the base and turn it on, the bug zapper will release 395mm mosquito habit wavelength to attracts mosquitoes,Mosquitoes will rush towards the electric shock net in a suicidal manner.
  • 【Fast USB Charging】 Built-in rechargeable battery,For quick, convenient charging, plug your racket into any USB device with the included cable.the built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge.
  • 【Indoor/outdoor use】size L*W*H 17*9*1 inch, Portable fly swatter, take it with you during a barbecuing, fishing or camping trip with your family.
  • Endbug Bug Zapper Outdoor Insect Killer , 25W 4200V Waterproof Electric Mosquito Fly Trap for Home Garden Patio Backyard

  • The electric outdoor mosquito zapper uses a 25W ultraviolet attracts insects to fly to the grid and kill them by 4200V high-voltage.
  • You simply need to plug it in and it will immediately work for you,It can attract and kill many kinds of insects with the high volt grid: Fly, Moth, Mosquito, Gnat,Bees,Wasps,Yellow jackets,Beetles
  • Help you get rid of flying pests in indoor and outdoor living areas, use for home, balcony, garden and courtyard,weather-resistant and waterproof housing make it can be use outdoor all year around.
  • Safe and Quite: The unit no noise, quite, use for homes with pets or kids and pregnant woman.
  • Easy to clean up: Rainproof electric fly zapper,Remove the insects carcasses once a week,A removable tray helps to collect the insect carcasses.
  • Endbug Rechargeable Fly Swatter Racket Handheld Bug Zapper with LED Light, USB Charging Electric Mosquito, Fly Insect Killer Indoor Outdoor (Green)

  • 【Electronic Rechargeable fly killer】 Featuring a 3,000-volt grid,Instantly killing flies, mosquitos,gnats and pests on contact
  • 【Fast USB Charging】 For quick, convenient charging, plug your racket into any USB device with the included cable.the built-in Lithium battery offers up to 10,000 zaps on a single charge.
  • 【Safety】Triple-layer safety mesh protects you from electric shock
  • 【Handy-size for Indoor Outdoor】 size L*W*H 17*9*1 inch, Portable Handy-size design for home use or take it for camping,fising.
  • 【Easy to use】You don’t need to clean this mosquito zapper racket. Once you hit the bugs with it, they are fried, No mess.The Mosquito body will not be caught inside.
  • 2 Pack Bug Zapper Replacement Lamp Bulb Light Tube 10W for 20W Electronic Bug Zapper T8 Fluorescent Light Tube Replacement Bulb for Bug Zapper

  • Energy Saving and Eco-friendly, Longer lifetime and Lure mosquitoes accurately
  • Excellent design make it easy to replace and use.
  • 20 watt UV light replacement bulb consists of 2 pack x 10 watt UV bulb for indoor insect killer.
  • Bug zapper bulbs life is about 2500 hours.
  • UV emission: 365nm
  • LED Camping Lantern Bug Zapper 2 in 1,Tripod Tent Light with Hook Portable Indoor Outdoor Mosquito Killer Fly Zappers Waterproof Compact UV Insect Trap Lamp

  • 【Portable Tripod camping lantern Bug zapper】Endbug outdoor bug zapper lamp is a combination of camping lantern and UV mosquito killer lamp. 3 pcs AA Battery operated,3 levels of Adjustable brightness: High Light, Medium Light ,Low Light to meet your different demands.
  • 【Anti mosquitoes Insect Zapper】Mosquito zapper lantern adopt physical method, the ultraviolet wavelength is 360-390nm and this function can attract and kill small insects like mosquitoes flies. Non-toxic and harmless, no fire hazard, will keep you comfortable and bug bite free on your outdoor activities.
  • 【Waterproof and Noise-free】More powerful waterproof grade IP67, no need to worry about it will damage when it rains. You can rinse it directly with tap water and keep it clean. No noise, give you a quiet night and a sweet dream.
  • 【Compact and Handy】This mosquito killer lamp does not take up too much space. The lanyard design allows the mosquito lamp hung on a tent or branch,Tripod design allows it placed on a flat surface.ideal for indoor and outdoor use, reading camping, beach, forest trips, picnics, hiking, fishing, hunting and so on.
  • 【2-IN-1 Bug Zapper & Lantern】 mosquito killer lamp for camping
  • Livin’ Well Bug Zapper - 4000V High Powered Electric Mosquito Zapper, Fly, Mosquito Trap with 1,500 Sq. Feet Range and 18W UVA Mosquito Killer Bulb

  • High Powered Weatherproof Bug Zapper: A convenient and effective fly zapper and mosquito killer for your home; this outdoor / indoor mosquito zapper uses 4,000V of electric fly killer power to effectively get rid of flying pests
  • Wider Defense Range Up to 1,500 sq. ft.: This weatherproof mosquito killer lamp and outdoor bug zapper keeps both indoor and outdoor living spaces like your bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio, deck, and backyard safe from flying and biting insects
  • Triple Mosquito Control: Featuring an 18W UVA bug light, a galvanized steel insect killer grid, and an insect trap attract, zap, catch, and trap mosquitoes, flies, gnats; bug zapper lamp features a standing base with 6-ft. cord and a UV lamp hook for hanging
  • Long-lasting, EZ-Clean Mosquito Light: These bug zappers measure 6” D x 13.5” H and last up to 8,000 hours to protect your home well beyond the summer mosquito season; unscrew and rinse the bottom mosquitoes trap tray for easy cleanup
  • Electric Bug Zapper: We hope your outdoor / indoor bug zapper and mosquito trap is the perfect fit for your home! EPA Establishment Number 89857-CHN-1
  • TOMPOL Bug Zapper for Indoor and Outdoor, 4200V Electric Mosquito Zapper, High Powered Pest Control Waterproof, Insect Killer for Home, Kitchen, Backyard, Camping

  • 15W bulb and 4200V electric shock grid to attract bug, mosquito and flies
  • The internal grid is fenced with a ABS housing to prevent children and animals from touching
  • The coverage area for this high-powered electric bug zapper more than 1500 sq ft. Ideal for indoor and outdoor
  • Simply place it on a flat place, or use a ring to hang it on a tree or house wall bracket
  • Try to resinstall the bulb if it does not light up after plugged in. Might be loose while delivering
  • BUG-A-SALT 3.0, Yellow

  • Updated with a new, rapid fire Cross Bolt Safety.
  • Improved engineering on trigger mechanism. It's now VERY light – so be careful! Keep away from children and pets.
  • Barrel has been lifted & patridge sight added for extremely accurate shooting.
  • Improved, more durable salt hopper makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.
  • Includes 90-Day Warranty, Limited 1-Year Warranty with Proof of Purchase from Skell. Non-toxic, accurate within 3 feet & no batteries needed.
  • Bug Zapper Mosquito Zapper & Fly Zapper Portable Indoor Bug Zapper Camping Bug Zapper Fly Trap Electronic Fly Zapper Indoor Super-Fast Electric Trap Ideal for Fly Traps Indoors…

  • [2021 New BUG ZAPPER INDOOR] It’s a powerful and portable Bug Light Zapper. The perfect electronic bug zapper can easily clear up mosquitoes, flies and gnats. With this high voltage electric bug zapper, no annoying bugs.
  • [6 High-power Purple LEDs] Based on the habits of mosquitoes, the purple LED of the bug zapper can accurately release the ultraviolet light wave of about 368nm, and mosquitoes will automatically rush to the electric net and be killed. Easy to use the device is very suitable for indoor use such as houses and trips etc.
  • [Protect Your Home]-Buzz B-Gone The mosquito and fly zapper can protect you and your family from nasty bugs and bites. It is a small, careful, and almost silent error-cleaning device. Do not use the bug zapper outdoors. It’s designed for indoor use, providing you and your family with error-free home life.
  • [1200mAh Large Capacity Battery] It can be charged via a micro USB quickly and easily, with an antistatic switch for up to 8 hours. You can take it with you and place it at any place, no wires necessary. Just turn on the power, and bugs will disappear.
  • [No Chemicals]-Kill bugs by physical means without any chemical or nasty thing. Quick, peaceable, and effective, can be used around kids and pets. Just for you and your family.
  • Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Zapper Killer,Flying Insect Pest Trap Electronic Anti Pest Control Lights for Bedroom Kitchen Toilet Garden Home Indoor Use

  • Powerful & Effective:This insect trap lamp emits 360° high-effective ultraviolet light to lure mosquitos, then zaps mosquitos by electric shock. The high-voltage electric shock 1000V can easily kill most insects without making a lot of noise. It can be used in bedrooms and baby room,thereby ensuring a good night’s sleep.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: Without chemicals and without odor,avoid harmful or toxic to human body,it is very reliable to use in spaces where children, pets and pregnant women are present. For safety,the external protective grid can ensure that your fingers will not touch the internal high-voltage power grid, which protects children and pets from high-voltage electric shock.
  • Efficacy & principle: It works on most insects,it is capable of killing insects such as Mosquitoes, Flies, Bugs, Insects, Moths, Gnats, Fruit flies, Horse flies, Bees, etc. The electronic mosquito killer operates on 110 volts,use a ultraviolet light efficient to attracts flying insect into the mosquito zapper, then emit a high volt shock kill them.Suitable for any environment with insects.
  • Widely used & large coverage: Ideal for bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen, balcony, garden, courtyard, hotel, enclosed patios, garage,etc.
  • Easy upkeep & cleaning: Just remove the hidden tray under the bottom of the insect zapper, and clean it with the brush or flush it with warm water. We offer a no-strings-attached, hassle-free lifetime assurance, you can buy the DOLYOALO Bug Zapper with confidence. If you have any problems please contact us, your inquiries will be taken care of as soon as possible.